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I 100% got it from papa johns. I usually don't eat until my wife gets home from work. She got asked to work a double so I ordered papa johns. I stayed at work late and that was the only thing I ate that day. The next day I woke up and my stomach didn't feel good. I made plans to go to work later and pick up a chicken salad on the way. By the time I got to work (22 hours later) I was going the bathroom constantly. I ended up going to the hospital. The only thing coming out both ends was that pizza. I don't think I'll ever eat papa johns again. ... Read more

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I am very dis satisfied with the service given at the store located in fort myers fla in the moreshores plaza telephone number 2396947200. The manager on shift tonight an most nights that i call is always very rude an has a bad temper problem with me or anyone i have call from my address and number. She is always screaming prophanties to the csr that attends the calls. Add comment

tried to order online the local papas site was down....called and asked for same price as online ordering and told no,,,,so theyre problem but wont honor call ins......what if you have no internet?called customer service and told manager acted correctly did not have to honor online price.....again what if u have no online available....will never ever order a pizza from papa johns again and theyre customer service is horrible ....go ahead pay some more football players more money instead of your customers. so lets pay peyton and his buddys more... Read more

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April 3rd 2016 I voted from Papa John's at the route2 11 store in Middletown New York placed an order special Lodge 5 topping pie 9.99 an 8-piece buffalo wings 5.99 upon arriving at location the bill was that $19 and $0.94 I am form the manager that it was an online order both items are on special he didn't reply for a second time that if you ordered that it would have indicated the regular price which that's what I was charged but the website under specials indicates that it was a special but he says people tell him that all the time they... Read more

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I ordered a large 5 topping pizza. It was tasteless, not enough toppings to feed mouse. It reminded me of school pizza from the 60's. At the time you where avertising if you don't like your pizza get another one free. Give mine to the nearest prison and make them eat it as part of there punishment. you should consider a new line of work. I would not let my ex wife eat your product. Please put warning on your pizza box this product may be hazzardest to your taste buds, not fit for human consumption may be more eatable if you consume two six... Read more

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We ordered from papa johns to try it out for our first time. First off it was the most expensive pizza pie we've ever bought. The bill was a total rip off $40 for 1 lg pie and 8 wings. The taste wasn't all that different from the competitors actually it wasn't worth the price at all. The wings were burnt/non edible and the pizza cold. I would have rather ordered from the company competitor if we would've known this was papa johns service. We live 5 minutes away by car and they took over an hour to deliver our order. We were Very... Read more

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3/19/16 at 11:30p.m. my wife and I and my two kids were asleep when a knock fell upon our door. That was quickly followed by the doorbell ringing and then more knocking and then more doorbell action. Mind you there were absolutely no lights on in my house or on my porch. I opened the door as he was stepping off my porch and said did you order a pizza, to which i responded, 'does it look like I ordered a pizza?' The name on the order was mine and the address and phone number were mine as well. I thought I had been pranked for sure, but then... Read more

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3/19/2016 Recently received papa johns pizza order was cold it's not the first time .but it's the last time .had a party 3/20/2016 we ordered 10 pizzas. It was from Pizza Hut hot and way better pizza than papa john they are not getting any of are business or my friends.HA. Owe buy the the way they made the store manager call and appalgaz.not his falt papa johns just plain out sucks the end....... Add comment

Cold , tastes like *** threw away a pizza , bread sticks that were soaked in oil , and soda . 30.00 *** dollars in the trash . Never again and took 1 1/2 hours for delivery Add comment

First of all, i ordered a pizza an hour ago they took nearly an hour to deliver the pizza so i had called manager to see if i can get a free pizza for the time waiting, as shows on there page (papa johns) and the manager had said we diddnt deliver the pizza to us welll how did the pizza arrive ..? Aside of that there service was horrible had to keep repeating address thwy stood quiet i had to say did you get that ? Can you repeat that ? And they got one of my pizzas wrong Read more

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