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Advertised large bacon cheesrburger pizza for $10. Pizza had no hamburger and little bacon. Tasted terrible and charged me $12.99. Will NEVER purchase another pizza from Papa Johns again. And oh by the way...their guarantee, if you aren't satisfief will give another pizza free? Are you kidding? Who would want another sub- par pizza anyway? Done with Papa Johns Add comment

Store #1026 really had me upset last night. They do not wear gloves for one. And the guy rolling the doe has a lot of hair on his arm swinging the doe around on his arm up in the air catching it. And checking his phone while messing with the doe. Didn't wash hands after messing with his phone. Two guys went outside then came back in started making more pizzas without washing hands. I really would like a refund. Will not go or let anybody I know... Read more

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My name is mary and i use to eat papajohns every week but it got to the point where i was so displease so i stop gettin my pizza from papa johns so on 5/26/16 my husband text me when he got off if work and ask if i want pizza and i said yes that sounds good so we gave papajohn another chance my husband went to the papajohns on nolensville road and he was testing me the whole time he was in there he waited 45 mins to place a order nd then... Read more

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While at Papa John Pizza Main Street Rock hill sc employee taken orders on phone and computer, after I added an additional large pizza did not wash his hands preparing the pizza to go into oven, I told him he did not but begin to tell me he did not start my pizza after I watched him start mine and even another second Order. It was corrected. But I will not go there again. Add comment

All these comments are so funny LOL. I work at papa johns and guess what? we dont give a sh1t. LOL papa pays us sh1t and trats us like *** sooooo *** you. we just dont care. pizza fall on the floor? so scoop it up put it in the box and serve it. take a sh1t and wash my hands? nope ill make your pizza with my stinky hands LOL. give me sh1t on the phone? ill make sure you have some secret sauce in your pizza. we dont care not one bit *** you and... Read more

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So much for customer appreciation day! We made an error in our order and the cashier at the Erie,PA west 12th street store rolled her eyes threw the pen at my husband and yelled at customers in line "any one want a free pizza we gotta throw it out anyways! Oh and now you all have to wait while we fix his order!" Really???? Customer satisfaction??? Wow!!! Very very poor employees!!! Add comment

Order from papa johns in olive branch waited two hours and they never showed up Add comment

I 100% got it from papa johns. I usually don't eat until my wife gets home from work. She got asked to work a double so I ordered papa johns. I stayed at work late and that was the only thing I ate that day. The next day I woke up and my stomach didn't feel good. I made plans to go to work later and pick up a chicken salad on the way. By the time I got to work (22 hours later) I was going the bathroom constantly. I ended up going to the... Read more

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I am very dis satisfied with the service given at the store located in fort myers fla in the moreshores plaza telephone number 2396947200. The manager on shift tonight an most nights that i call is always very rude an has a bad temper problem with me or anyone i have call from my address and number. She is always screaming prophanties to the csr that attends the calls. Add comment

tried to order online the local papas site was down....called and asked for same price as online ordering and told no,,,,so theyre problem but wont honor call ins......what if you have no internet?called customer service and told manager acted correctly did not have to honor online price.....again what if u have no online available....will never ever order a pizza from papa johns again and theyre customer service is horrible ....go ahead pay... Read more

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