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I am always ordering online but now I keep receiving the papjohns technical issues page but if I log in on someone else's phone it takes me straight to papal johns web page, I just want to know why is it giving me such a hard time? Add comment

They did not deliver side orders which I paid for, and the pizza was cold. They also failed to provide me with any acknowledgement that I would receive the Superbowl50 promotion of 25 points. Instead my order stated I would only receive 5 points. As of 48 hours after my first complaint, they still have not answered me. Very unsatisfied, especially since I ordered pizza from other local pizza... Read more

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So, on February second, i ordered a free pizza with the points 25 i had accrued at 7:50 pm (this store closes at 10:30pm for deliveries) so i wait, wait, wait. nothing happens, it was getting late so i just went to sleep because i had to get up for work at 5am. the following 5 days i had to work LONG hours, getting up at 5am and getting home at 9:30 because i work 1 hour and a half from my job. i... Read more

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Usually pick up my pizza but ordered online with 6:45 delivery. Did not arrive until 7:30 after our call. No big deal when we called. Not a way to run a business. Will not recommend delivery from this store. Pizza was good, delivery,timed sucked. Add comment

I have had the same problem! I try to order papa johns pizza online to get the promotional offers that are offered to me through my email. Well I get email updates and text messages whenever I use my debit card. So I get a text showing that it went through but on the website it isn't confirmin the order. So then I call the restaurant, they don't want to acknowledge the online promotion to me and... Read more

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There are four papa johns within 10 miles of me and none will deliver. Poor customer service. Add comment

I have to say that I love Papa Johns pizza! I have had issues since I moved though. I guess its the specific location that I'm ordering for delivery. I keep ordering from this one location because i need it delivered but even if i get the pizza that i ordered within twenty minutes of ordering it for some reason its always luke warm almost cold and doesn't seem fresh. I ordered one night and it... Read more

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Papa Johns rep was totally confusing about prices, and wouldnt even let me talk ro soneone else,i hung up and ordered chinese! Add comment

Pappa John was by far my favorite pizza, but on 1-9-2016, my daughter and I ordered 2 large pizzas and was told that the wait was 1hr. Nearly 2 hrs later i call to ask about my order and the associate told me that her computer showed that someone called and voided the order. I asked to speak with the manager, he gets on the phone and informed me that where i live was not within their delivery... Read more

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He puts too much sugar into his pizza sauce, and its too sweet, i want the taste of a good pizza not desert, Papa Johns thinks he has the best pizza, but news for him he does not !!!... the only reason he make good on cutomer service, is because of his free pizza deal.. well i know i won't ever get another one of his sugary tasting pizzas again. also too much sauce is added, not enough... Read more

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