My wife and I ordered pizza and cheese sticks, as per our usual routine. I bit into a cheese stick; noticed something black under the cheese; and it turned out to be a beetle of some sort, maybe some young cockroach.

I was very disgusted. I complained online through the Papa John's website but only got an acknowledgement that they received my complaint -- no call from the store, no offer of credit, no refund. Previously from this store I bit into a green pepper stem (i.e. the pepper had been diced without removing the stem).

Papa John's is a cheap alternative here but I no longer trust the cleanliness/ management of the Bronx franchise and nor do I think the corporate management cares very much about these sorts of slip up. Won't be eating there again!

Review about: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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HAHA, He ordered papa johns expecting good quality



you have to go to the store where you got it from, and they will take care of the complaint

London, England, United Kingdom #745850

Not only are the low in cholesterol but they are high in protein.

to Kevin #920719


Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #742452

That is most definitely a Beetle... and I agree with PJGM, the best way to make a complaint is directly with the store. Sometimes when an online complaint is received, the store itself will not receive it for days at a time.


That's not a roach and mistakes do happen. Sometimes something can get in.

No restaurant is 100% bug free. But they at a minimum should offer a refund. Contacting the store directly would have been a better option.

Pictures do help. But even with pictures it is hard to tell if someone is just making it up.

Dover, Florida, United States #724740


Bronx, New York, United States #724731

It could have been worse, you could have only found half a roach. But seriously, roaches are low in cholesterol.

Make sure you ask for our daily specials!

to Papa John Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #724737

Roaches can survive a nuclear holocaust but a pizza oven kills them?

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