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I ordered over a month ago and what came is burned pizza and cookies, so it got late and we decided to take credit. .When we called for second pizza with credit the guy working charged us $2.50 for delivery even though they burned our 1st pizza & cookies.

We got our 2nd order and it was burned worse than 1st time I called to complain and nothing was done!! I did get an email that said I would be contacted in 1 to 3 days..nothing!

! I am also tired of this website not going thru..........


Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: I want to make sure they do something. Please email me.

Monetary Loss: $25.

I liked: Idea it was close to my home.

I didn't like: Pizza or cookies, Unprofessional staff or the customer service they provided, Bad food.

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They sent us a hair in ours. And no refund.

Just a hard time. Bye Bye John.


Please understand that the only - and I mean only - purpose of this and many other "complaint" sites is to make money for the owners. They couldn't care less about any of the contents unless it might affect the web site itself.

Don't expect any integrity here.

The only reason I read it is for occasional entertainment. That's it.

Ontario, Canada #1241115

You know what now they kicked me out of my account and scrambled my password. Just because I told them they have no clue how to run a website, how immature of them.

to Firstborntriplet3 Idaho, United States #1241118

You can beat them at their own immature game. I don't want to let them know how I can do this but .just contact me at Jameseverest09 at hotmail dot com.

However reporting to FCC won't do a thing since they are not breaking any laws. Yeah that Kevin Richards dude may be harassing people. I don't know who you are talking about, but I have seen some people harass and bully the OP for simply typing a review. Freedom of speech is one thing but harassment and cyber bullying is another.

You wrote a complaint about Kevin Richards I see.

I have a feeling he works for the site and that you are being silenced because they don't want any negative feedback about their site. I agree with you and am angry that this site is poorly ran and people who are writing legitimate complaints are silenced, people giving helpful advice are silenced while people are allowed to harass others and protected by freedom of speech.

to Anonymous Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #1241130

Yeah Zack sent me a message that he was needs approval before posting on this site. I see the same thing happened to you.

Triplet may remember upsetatdennys. He wrote a complaint about Denny's and was impersonated by KevinRichards. At first they claimed Kevin Richards has the right to call people retarded with the freedom of speech thing. That he has a right to make racial slurs, hom0phobic slurs.

I have a feeling that part of the reason these things are allowed is because the administrators of this site are hom0pobic themselves. They consider calling someone gai(y) an insult so they filter the word ga(y). They consider the word hom0sexual an insult so they filter the word hom0sexual. Denny was told that Kevin Richards was protected by freedom of speech.

Another poster on this site got the same message as you because he kept exposing Kevin for his multiple accounts. Every time someone tells everyone that Kevin Richards is posing as the OP their posts are deleted. Anyways instead of blabbering. Let me tell you what happened to Denny's.

Denny's was impersonated by Kevin. He made a complaint about Denny's. Kevin pretended to be him and claimed he beat his daughter because he was upset at Denny's. Upset at Denny's complained about this and was told that Kevin was using freedom of speech.

THen when he pointed out that this was impersonation not freedom of speech they deleted the posts and denied that the impersonating posts existed. When he told them he had screenshots they told him he was banned for breaking the rules, simply for standing up to this site and how is is poorly ran. The thing is James from Idaho is correct and people on this site are not breaking any laws. They have a right to ban for any silly reason.

Now if you paid money to use this site and they banned you for no reason you can take them to court and get your money back.

Kevin Richards accused me of being a *** because I contacted Fine Young Aiden who is 11. I am a teen myself, but I don't find that offensive since he basically accuses everyone of the same thing when they tell him off yet his posts are not deleted.

Ontario, Canada #1241109

What do you know I was have to have my comments approved because I complained about how this site works. How immature and sad is that.

I guess that you cannot complain about how poorly this site is ran. Anyways I have reported this site to the FCC for breaking their own rules and conditions, allowing impersonation, bullying, harassment by Kevin Richards and his multiple accounts. They cannot silence me just because they don't want people knowing how poorly this site is ran and they are breaking laws. I complained to them about Kevin Richards and his multiple accounts and they said he had the right to freedom of speech.

But that is taken away if you complain about how poor this site is run. Same thing happened to other people who said this site was not ran well. I don't name others but several people also reported this poorly ran site to FCC. They do not allow criticism for their own site.

But they consider it freedom of speech to call other people retards ect.

We will continue to contact FCC until this site is shut down or they get people tho know how to do their job. We will continue to make accounts and let unsuspecting people know about this poorly run site.

to firstbortripletzack Idaho, United States #1241116

Thanks for your support. I too have had an issue with the administrators of this site.

I too get the same message that my messages have to be approved by the administration of the site. I think it has something to do with the complaint I emailed the. I tried sending this review five times but it just got deleted. The first two times I had to retype everything.

The third time same. But I copied and pasted this review on another browser and it worked fine.

I have a feeling I was silenced because I complained about how badly this site works. I have looked into your posts and you have not broken their rules and conditions, yet other people have and they were not banned.

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1240777

Yeah this website has security issues, is poorly monitored allows racist posts, cyber bullying, impersonation and does not work half the time. Need better moderation.

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