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Usually we order a side of chicken pieces with our pizzas...I like em and our dogs go crazy over chicken.

They use to be the size of chicken nuggets. Tonight's order came with 10 pieces of literally popcorn size chicken. I paid $4.00 for 3.7 oz of chicken. The 2 tubs of dipping sauce weighed more that half of what the chicken weighed...

if you do the math they are charging $17.30 per pound for their Chicken Poppers... correction $16.30 if you subtract the cost of the 2 "complimentary" dipping sauces at $0.50 per tub...

what a bargain!!


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I ordered the same thing in Baton Rouge and my pieces of chicken were far smaller than yours.I would have been happy to have the size you had.

I may have had 1 piece the size you had.

It looked like I got scraps at the bottom of the batch.NOT AT ALL like it is pictured on their website

Johnsonville, New York, United States #737128

Part of what you are paying for is convenience. The chicken poppers came to you hot, ready to eat.

Remember they are called chicken poppers, not nuggets.

You should literally be able to "pop" one into your mouth.

I don't know anyone who stuffs a whole nugget from another establishment into their mouths.

If it was a bargain or dog snacks you were looking for you may have been better served going elsewhere.

Something else you may want to consider, when I delivered pizza customers who were rude and obnoxious, or those who tipped poorly often got the smallest portions.

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