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I just got cut off by one of your delivery drivers in a pick up truck that ran a stop sign and entered a 4 lane road cutting in front of me so we did not collide and proceeded down the left lane. Your Papa John sign was on his cab roof like it was an emergency vehicle.

Why don't you train your delivery folks??? OR at least take your sign off or put a Pizza Hut sign on your speeding dudes!!!

I'll get my own pizza at Papa Murphys and avoid your drivers in the future.


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I know, I'm married to an assistant manager and I, myself get cut off contently by their drivers. I tell my husband all the time that they need to slow down and stay off my tail before they cause me to wreck with my daughter in the car.

I have seen the cops pull one over in the parking lot though. Your best bet is to go to the actual papa johns and confront the person about how dangerous their being inside the store.

Telling the manager or the police does nothing... Its *** I know!!

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