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placed my dinner order at 7:18. it's now 9:15.

that's no delivery for 2 hours. i called store, spoke to the manager. he says he's short handed and it snowed yesterday so the wait is 99+ minutes. can't they hire more employees to work?

didn't they shovel out the store to go to work? if they told me up front that it would take so long i would have ordered something else for dinner. we're talking about pizza here, not a three course fine dining meal. and when i asked the manager what he would do for me he hung up.

i called the national customer service number 877-547-7272 but they don't answer their phones. i guess papa and peyton are out tonight instead of feeding us. this isn't really bad customer service, if this was undercover boss they would fire his sorry a**. instead i have to be the one to suffer.

i could have walked to the store, made the pizza and delivered it to my house in less time.

[update - it's now over 2 hours since my order was confirmed. i called the store, they told me not to yell and then put me on hold.]

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Monetary Loss: $25.

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1. Accidents on roads could cause delays


Papa johns nor anyone else can hire people in a snap just because it snows.

3. Im not a driver but the in store people work hard and wish we had a better driver locate program then the one we have.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #606619

1. Yes when it snows everyone orders for delivery and if it hits on a night that would normally slower it might be hard getting employees in last minute to help.

2. No we can't spontaneously hire people everytime it snows.

3. Not sure what area your in but wait times could be extremely high depending on how bad the snow is.

4. The staff should have been completely up front about delivery times and if they think it would take a lot longer than what was quoted they should call the customer.

5. It may have been a recently trained manager not handling the complaint correctly.

to PJ GM Weehawken Township, New Jersey, United States #606656

snow was 24 hours earlier. while i was waiting i went out to another vendor and got alternate food.

the roads were clear and dry. you're right, they should have said something. and promising that it was 'on the way with delivery in the next five minutes' turned out to be a lie twice. all i wanted was some honesty.

and the manager didn't want to even comp something to ease the pain.

and ... the driver even bad mouthed the manager as to how it was handled.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States #606514

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