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Update by user Oct 20, 2017

This is not resolved but you have mentally ill ppl stalking the site from papa johns. This site does nothing to resolve issues, NOTHING!

Update by user Oct 14, 2017

Because a troll is following me.

Update by user Oct 14, 2017

Papa John's has raised their price to $3.75 in my area. This is why I stopped!

After reluctantly paying $2 for so long, I'm not going to pay another dime for delivery fee. I won't miss them!

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2017

I'm no longer ordering pizza from Papa John's or others who charge exorbitant delivery charges. There's no difference in preparing the pizza for delivery or pickup, and since I have to tip the driver separately and they get none of this money, the delivery fee is just another SCAM to get into people's pockets.

These people are no friend of the community but instead try to cheat us. Please explain why the fee is charged? There is nothing different from pickup or delivery according to the store's costs or perspective. The driver gets none of this.

Its despicable and cheats customers. I'm done with these crooks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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When a maroon! The $100 is from 50+ pizzas delivered at $2+ delivery fee! Maybe math is not your strong suit and just trolling is?

to reeve11 #1365689 you ordered 50+ pizzas with a delivery fee and then decided to complain about it? So you're a *** is what you're saying.

If I don't like a fee, I don't buy the service, simple as that. I'm sure Papa Johns appreciates the extra fees you paid and won't miss you one bit when you're gone.

to Anonymous #1378203

That's what I said, moron! Why are you Anonymous, troll?


Seriously? So where was the $100 monetary loss you mention above? Because I order from Papa Johns regularly and the delivery fee is $2.

to Anonymous #1377566

Its $3 here. The delivery fee is where the mileage to the drivers come from.

If it took 50 deliveries for the OP to figure out the fee was there and get upset about it......

to Anonymous #1379209

I'm with Reeve11.. I also got fed up paying this fee after so many times and I've stopped.

It's not going to the drivers, it's going to the company. Drivers get a very small portion for gas and expenses. It's excessive and shouldn't be so high. Delivery is an overhead cost that should not be made profit off of it.

Papa John's and others definitely found this loop hole to stick it to customers and I'm also no longer agreeing to pay it. Anonymous is a twerp and doesn't have anything better to do.

The loser works for Papa John's... lol

to Anonymous #1379220

Like Reeve, I stopped paying when it went to $3. That is robbery and the driver doesn't get it all.

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