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store 2811 closed a month ago and I still didn't get paid so I'm pissed!and some the employee's didn't get their w-2 So I want something done right now or their going to be some trouble.I went to L&I to file a complaint it didn't do any good.I like your pizza but when Kevin Maines rips his employee's off after working there for 8 years not getting paid I have bill's to pay it makes it kind of tuff I don't care how get our check's. I'm really pissed!!!!

Review about: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I know the man responsible for this and he is at it again working for Sodexo in Moscow, Idaho at the U of Idaho. I can't even begin to describe the horrible behaviors this man is putting out there is ridiculous.

I currently, know of so many different ethical, employment, and human rights violations Mr. Maines has committed. Yet, we cannot get a single person to take on this case. We are talking significant, long-term, chronic fraud, theft, intimidation, retaliation, discrimination, harassment of all kinds, work-place bullying, you name it this man does it on a daily basis.

It is just disgusting. He finds ways to fire good employees, and/or cause horrible situations and workplace environments until good people leave. Yet, he is still employed! I wish someone would take this case on because we currently have H.R.

admitting that their complaints were correct and true.

Yet, nobody will take on this workplace harassment, intimidation, retaliation, discrimination case. It's super frustrating!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #163916

Now that this is settled, Next.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #133637

I did get paid, just gave them the wrong bank account. Thanks anyway wage and hour attorney.


Gerald, give me a call. I specialize in wage and hour lawsuits.

You can reach me at or 215-367-5151.

Eric Young

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