The papa john's driver bringing my order on Friday evening january 24th was wearing only a short sleeved company shirt.When I asked about their jacket, it was explained that drivers were no longer allowed to wear anything over their uniform reguardless of temperature.

I find this appalling given that the temperature today is in the lower 20's. The papa johns logo was easily visible on the visor worn by the driver.

I am shocked that any company would risk the well being of their employees this way.This is not a positive reflection of Mooresville's papa johns at all.

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They can wear one if they purchase one from Papa Johns. Must have the logo on it and be approved colors. They run $45-90.


I think it's terrible that you would allow your drivers to not wear a jacket.You risk their health over a *** pizza!

They get sick and can't work to support their families! What are you thinking?!

Dominoes drivers have special jackets why can't you?!I won't buy a pizza from you people until I see your drivers with a jacket on in cold weather!!!


I Agree with that person about drivers not allowed jackets in New York weather! That's unreal!!!

Springfield, Missouri, United States #1248786

Im a current driver.The policy, which I had to take online classes on, is that you can not cover your shirt logo.

I was never issued a jacket, nor was any other driver at my location.

However, the manager realizes that the policy is BS and allows us to wear black or red jackets.It is a corporate store, not a franchise, so Id imagine that he would take some heat if audited.

Warsaw, New York, United States #1231803

Can confirm.How to franchise that I worked at, they would not allow me to wear mine and expected me to pay for a branded jacket.

I obviously refused.I need to buy it for me here's the thing I don't have all the money in the world if there is a uniform requirements


I'm a manager at a papa john's and every driver is given 1 hat, 2 polo shirts, one winter jacket, one hoodie (depending on supplies), and one wind breaker. If they damage, or lose their uniform they are responsible for paying for a replacement. Sounds to me like someone was trying to get a sympathy tip, refused to wear their uniform, or had just lost their uniform.

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #1232273

Shoot I was give one hat and one polo. That's IT.

to Anonymous #1239315

Current employee only given one hat on one polo shirt. No coat no hoodie

to Anonymous #1311856

Seriously forget that Sympathy tip I didn't get a jacket either

to Anonymous #1366642


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