After we received our pizza delivery from the Papa John’s driver, we opened our pizzas and was very upset to see all of the cheese and sauce had slid over to one end of the pizza box. I immediately called the Papa John’s that I ordered from and the girl informed me that they will send out new pizzas and I have to bring down the other pizzas.

She didn't even apologize for what happened and sounded more annoyed than helpful.

I’m very disappointed because now I have to wait another 40 minutes for my food. This have never happened.

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Stop *** there's people that wait 2 days to have a meal and you complaining about 40 minutes.You ***.

to Anonymous #1025221

Stfu i hope someone hacks your arm off with a saw and a paraplegic tells you to foh because at least you can walk. Faget.


This is a continuation of my complaint because it just gets worse. So after waiting more than an hour, we finally get our new order.

The driver calls me and says, "Hi this is Papa John's. I got your new order, can you bring down the pizzas so you can get the others?" This time we checked the pizzas to make sure they weren't messed up. The driver said that he didn't give us the pizzas like that. As we sat down to finally eat our dinner at 8pm (the original order was placed at 6pm), I noticed the Bruschetta cheese sticks were now just plain cheese sticks.

I bit into a thin crust pizza that was supposed to be original pizza sauce and was BBQ instead.

We ended up eating a few slices and was done with it all. Very upsetting!

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