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So I call to order a pizza from Papa John’s and ask for the specials. I am told that all of the specials are online, and was not told about them.

Well that’s great except I’m not in front of a computer and I’m talking on my phone! I place my order, get there to pick it up, and it’s wrong. I told the girl checking me out I didn’t want that pizza, it’s not what I ordered, and she just looked at me and asked if I was paying with cash or card, like I hadn’t said anything. She told a guy in the back and he apologized and said he just put it in the wrong box, was probably someone else’s pizza that just happened to be available.

Then, I ask for a couple of garlic sauces and was told that they were .75 each, really?!?

I’m done with Papa John’s...it’s over priced and the customer service at this location is terrible! To make matters worse, I tried to write a review on the Papa Johns website...guess what, it doesn’t work!

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If you cannot afford to pay for the extra garlic sauce then you don't need them. They are a business not a charity.

You cannot even do a simple task as write the review on their website. Something a ten year old child can do and yet you call an adult woman a girl.

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