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bad experience I never had before. papa johns on 11933 W sunrise blvd, plantation, FL 33323.

First off we would like to say we love papa john pizza and always order from papa johns and no other pizza company. My brother had order the pizza and we had waited over two hours on what's going on. We call them after we received a text, we didn't see, not a phone call that they arrived. They always knock on the door to deliver our pizza and this time they didn't.

We never had a problem.This time we did not hear a call nor a knock on the door. We received a text message. We went out and didn't see anyone and try calling the text message number. We did not get an answer.

We then call the main store number to notify them. They say they were unable to get in and left the area & could not deliver our pizza. We had informed them our apartment number and ask why they did not call our phone directly. They say they don't know why and say they would send out delivery again.

We told them to call the number directly if they have any problem when they arrive. Two hours later, we did not get a call or a knock on the door or text. We stand outside waiting the entire time to catch them drive up. We didn't see anyone.

my brother call the main store again and was placed on hold for an hour then the call disconnected on him. I had call back to see what was going on. I ask nicely and was not anger or upset I just ask what is the status on the pizza. I talk to Roberto, he gave me a long pause and did not answer the question.

I told him that we were outside waiting and we don't know what's going on. His response was that it was our fault. No Explanation. I had to ask what did he mean.

He say that they send out two delivery already and it's our fault we were not there. I explain we were outside waiting a long time and no one contact or call us directly as we requested. I ask nicely to speak to the manager. Roberto had a attitude in his tone placed me on hold.

He did not return back to the call. Had to call back again and ask for a manager. The guy sound like roberto & had an attitude saying he was the manager. The guy did not allow us to talk or even explain what happen with the pizza.

He say it was our fault and that they didn't do anything on their end. It's all on us. We only ask for the status of the delivery and if they was not able to be deliver if they would refund the money back. We spoke kindly, the person on the line was loud & irate and did not speak in a professional tone manner saying if we don't have the pizza deliver it is our fault only.

I am very sad and disappointed that this has happen and hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. I would say the people and the management did not handle this situation properly. They did not display good customer service. We were very patient and kind, they snap and took frustration out on us which we did not deserve.

I wo

uld not order there anymore or advise anyone else to order from that location. If so you would be in for a rude awakening because we were mistreated and we didn't do anything wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: How we were treated, Management or customer service quality, Communication skill.

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