Phoenix, Maryland

I have been to the Papa Johns in my area many times and have witnessed many times the manager yelling at the top of her voice to her employees. She doesn't hesitate to yell and put them down in front of customers.

This is very embarrassing to the employee and to the customer. She is extremely rude. I have heard her even get short tempered to the customer on the phone. I have been in the store waiting with another customer and she turned to me and said the the manager was being very unprofessional.

It is very uncomfortable and I feel very sorry for the employee. My husband and I enjoy Papa Johns pizza but I hesitate to go there when she is in the store.

I ask you to take care of this because she is giving a bad impression on the people Papa Johns hires. Something needs to be done with this situation.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #664719

This site is going to do anything about it. We aren't Papa John's.

It isn't any of your business what goes on among the employees. If you don't like what goes on in the store, either call for delivery or else find a different store.

to anonymojus #672910

It is their business if the customer has to witness it. As an employee of Papa Johns you have to smile all the time and make the customer feel comfortable.

No employee should be put down by their manager ecspecially in a public setting. All discipline should be done privately unless your trying to set an example in extreme cases.

If the customer feels it is extreme then they should contact PJ customer service. Nothing will get done about it from this website.

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