On Saturday Jan. 12, I ordered a Large Canadian Bacon/Pineapple/Olive Pizza from Papa Johns. Asked for the order to arrive at 4:30pm for the football game. Pizza shows up at 4:30pm as requested, so far so good.

We opened the pizza, and there was not one slice, piece or appearance of any Canadian Bacon!! Only pineapple and olives and cheese.

Myself and a friend were really hungry, and did not want to wait for another pizza, so we ate half of it.

Later, I thought I'd e-mail the Customer Service and let them know that this happened.

I even sent photo's of the pizza showing that there was not on bit of Canadian Bacon on it. That e-mail was sent Saturday Jan 12, 2012 at 5:45pm. It is January 16th today, and not even an acknowledgement of the e-mail yet.

What terrible customer service. Rest assured, I will never buy another pizza from Papa Scam's ever again. Period!

The best way to show a corporate power who has outgrown their customer service and snubs their nose at the very people who made them what they are, is to never give them another dollar!

Fortunately, I used my rewards points for the pizza!

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #1243067

Try calling the restaurant next time snowflake.


Mistakes happen. You are not the only customer they have nor are you the president of the United States. Get over yourself.

Bristol, Tennessee, United States #937840

They no longer offer Canadian bacon as a topping....

to Cc #976779

Uhh yes they do..

Oh and by the way dude, the whole email system has the settings where they can't see photos of people send them to us. Sorry dude...


Why didn't you just call the store back?

You could have had the product you ordered remade and delivered in about 20 minutes!

Who sends an email to the corporation, when such an emergency exist?

Sounds like somebody was looking for a "free pizzas for life" coupon!


I can see the Canadian bacon in the picture just under the cheese. Canadian Bacon is the way its made not the way its cut.

This is julienne cut Canadian bacon. If you want gourmet Canadian bacon make it yourself.


"That e-mail was sent Saturday Jan 12, 2012 at 5:45pm. It is January 16th today, and not even an acknowledgement of the e-mail yet."

You are not the center of the universe, wait patiently.


everything is cooked under the cheese except, jalapenos, banana peppers, anchovies and peperoni

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States #620878

I got canadian bacon, it's not what you think. We expect it to be on top and be sliced like pepperoni.

Nope, it's like spam diced the long way and its under the cheese. It had a weird smell to it also.

I've had the same experience with their sausage too. If I have to get a papa johns, I never get their canadian bacon, sausage or beef.

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