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How the *** do you make a pizza without any cheese? That's not even an option on the website.

Forgetting a topping, maybe. Forgetting to cut the pizza before it's delivered, maybe. Forgetting to put cheese on a pizza? How the *** does that even happen?

It's no longer a pizza at that point - it's flatbread with sauce on it. What kind of idiots do these places employ? Unfortunately, since it's a franchise, Papa Johns corporate really isn't to blame. That said, if I were putting my name on a product, and one of the three ingredients that constitutes that being considered the end result were messed up, I'd be pretty furious.

Clearly, the pizzas aren't the only thing getting baked at Papa Johns. This place is the worst.

But do they care? No, they'll just dry their tears with $100 bills.

Review about: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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You must have received my pizza, every time I order it (and yes it is an online option) they add cheese.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota, United States #860893

Yes they will deliver you pizzas without cheese when you decide to order a pizza without cheese to try and BS everyone.


There is Normal cheese, light cheese and NO cheese option ;-)

Do a little research before you post in here.


morbidly obese fools should not eat cheese


I understand your frustration, however do your parents know that you are posting this online? I don't think they do because they would not allow you to call them idiots which would make the review look unprofessional.

Obviously you are a 11 year old child because an adult can express their concerns without childish name calling. Still at 11 you need your parents permission before posting online.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #855461

It actually is an option on the website, so it was most likely a mistake on your part. I did the same thing once but accidentally said no sauce.

It happens. Lol

to Missy #856251

In Canada maybe, but in USA there is no such option, (or none that I know of).

to Anonymous #876890

Oh there is...

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