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Horrible Ingredients, Horrible Pizza, CEO is a *** Trump loving *** who pretty much *** his whole company over talking about NFL National Anthem Protests; *** off if the Justice System would start jailing and hanging all of these power abusive *** sucking fake Cops than and if we didn't have a *** *** Blonde Orangutan for a President, than maybe players would stand for the National Anthem and any of you *** inbred Trump loving Trailer Trash Hicks want to defend your King than you can all go to *** with him Not to mention they treat their employees like crap by underpaying them, not to mention how many customers have gotten food poisoning from Papa John's Garbage Pizza. Domino's Pizza Hut, and Little Caesar's Are much better; *** Chuck E. Cheese is better than Papa John's

Review about: Papa Johns Pizza The Works Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Well said!!!


Trump in 2020!!!

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