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On December 16 at 5:59 PM we ordered seven pizzas online for a birthday party at my boyfriends moms house from the Shelbyville Road Papa John’s location in the Louisville Kentucky. We were told an hour and 15 minutes which we thought was long but just thought because we ordered multiple with different toppings at have caused the delay.

About 40 minutes later we called and asked if the delivery driver could be instructed to come to the side door since there was a Christmas display on the front porch. I could barely hear the person answering the phone but they said yes they thought they could have him do that. There were some weather issues in the area that evening… A dusting of snow that made roads slick. So we waited an extra 30 mins to call and check on the delivery time.

We were told all deliveries were stopped and we wouldn’t be getting anything unless we wanted to come pick it up. I asked why we were not notified since I had spoken with them on the delivery on the phone & had received confirmation via email. Therefore they had a phone number and a contact email. They said they had been backed up for over three hours and the roads were so bad they had to make a decision whether or not to risk the drivers on the road.

I asked why I wasn’t told that when I called and received no answer just that we could come pick up the pizzas for 50 percent off or cancel the order. Now if they’re not delivering pizzas how are we supposed to keep the order in place? I then said fine one of the guests were out we will pick them up l now. Then I thought to ask are the pizzas ready?

I was told NO that at 2 hours after I had placed my order they were not AND we would still have to wait another hour and a half to come pick them up. I complained on their website that night and received this email from the company: Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. At Papa John's, we strive for “best in class” in everything we do. We are sorry that we have not met your expectations at your local Papa John's store.

I would like to personally apologize that your experience was unsatisfactory. We want to make it right. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by replying to this email. My phone number is (502) 240-8620 if you prefer a phone conversation.

We do not take these issues lightly and your feedback will be used to improve our ability to serve you in the future. Sincerely, Ryan Flynn General Manager Papa Johns That was on Monday the 18th. I called him that afternoon from work to discuss what had happened and said I did not like being lied to. We understand there was a weather issue but we should’ve been notified and we should not have been told that we could come pick up pizzas that weren’t ready and that we should’ve been told that there was a problem with deliveries when we called about verifying what door to come too.

Mr. Flynn claimed he was on his way to the store to check their logs to see what had happened and he would get back to me the next day. I ask him to call me on my cell phone not the number I had called from since it was a work number. He said he would make sure to call me.

That was over two weeks ago with no further response. I went back on their website and entered my complaint again with no response this time.

So they lie about taking care of things as well as they lie about the pizzas being ready they lie about being backed up for three hours since nothing was mentioned in the phone call. We have always tried to use local companies And since they were founded here try to patronize Papa John’s but no longer!

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