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Papa John's is leading the field in this crooked delivery charge, and it keeps going up and up and up! I paid it for years when it was $2.00, then it went to $2.50, $2.75, and $3.00 within a year.

After it finally hit $3.75, I'm no longer order pizza! I tip well, usually $5.00 for the $10 pie. But, by the time I get it now, the price is doubled. I'm not going to short the driver's tip, so I'm just not ordering!

I've spoken to many drivers at Papa John's and other delivery places. The drivers do NOT get all of the $3.75 delivery charge. Yet, Papa John's does nothing to earn what they get. The box is no different whether I pick up or deliver, the pizza is no different, condiments are no different.

The driver already gets a tip from me to cover his involvement and bringing it to me. So, why does Papa John's place the fee SO high? The driver get's less than half that fee and the rest goes into Papa John's pocket!! This is Robbery and is unearned!

Delivery is an overhead cost not something to make a profit from!

They should charge whatever they give to the driver for maintaining their car! Period!

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Adding this bogus delivery charge is not right to say it's to cover This is overhead, the cost of doing business. It should be included in the item cost!

Not a dishonest fee added. It is a slap to their drivers. People see this and think it's a tip, so the driver, some of who are making HALF of minimum wage and relied on tips to make up the difference, takes the brunt of this on the chin for the company. The company doesn't care.

It's a racket! How can people ignore this?


I couldn't agree more! How does the pizza industry expect to have great relations with their customer base when they cheat us on every order?

I couldn't look at this fee on my receipt any longer and feel comfortable.

I could have another meal with the $4 they add to the order now! Not good business!


I noticed this this the other day, with the 3.75 delivery fee ...and don't forget paying the tax on the fee it comes to 3.98. Papa is about one thing, getting as much extra money out of customers that they can and screwing their own employees.

We don't get the delivery charge at all, we have always been reimbursed for taking a delivery even before there were Del. fees. Drivers make 4.25 a hr while driving on the road to bring you your pizza.

Thank u for taking care of your drivers but .... I don't blame u the extra fees are ridiculous!!!

to Steve #1386913

Thanks Steve! I still order a Papa John's on rare occasion when I want pizza or we have a football party, and I still tip $5 per pie that is delivered.

But, when I look at the fee it's just robbery. I already paid Papa John's for the pizza, they don't need $4.00 more to have you bring it to me unless you are getting this money. They could have twice the business and would make up for this silly fee, if they were just honest about it, or made it reasonable and didn't have customers feeling gouged by it. Too many businesses are operating in the grey moral area with people with their hands out and doing despicable things, like this fee!

Thanks for the kind response, Steve!

I will always support delivery people and waiters/waitresses working hard to earn an income. But, "Earned" is the operative word!

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