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I went online to order pizza using a coupon we had gotten on April 24 for a large 2 topping pizza for 7.99. When I used the code on the coupon it had expired on April 22nd.

I went online to fill out a form letting the company know what it happened and it would not accept my email addresses being a valid one. And therefore would not let me go any further with the form. So I called their customer service and told the lady what had happened. She checked and said oh yeah this coupon did expire on the 22nd.

Let me see if there any other codes that would apply.

I told her never mind we had already ordered from Pizza Hut with whom I never had a problem. That will be the last time I will try to get a pizza from Papa Johns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If there is no date printed on the coupon (unless it is unreadable) the coupon should have been honored. Something doesn't sound right.

to Anon #1474083

I agree. All the coupon says is limited time offer


So once again HOW does your inability to use a EXPIRED COUPON make them a bad business? Coupons expire.

They print the date on them. Since YOU failed to read that somehow magically makes them a bad business? Your priorities are so far out of whack it’s sad. You couldn’t use a coupon and THAT makes them crooked?

No you’re just a whiney child who didnt get to use a coupon.

Grow up princess it’s NOT THIER FAULT you lack the basic understanding of how linear time works. Accept that YOU SCREWED UP and move on because the defamation you have posted, the lack of reading, and your attitude are all YOUR FAULT!!

to Durpa #1469895

There was no date printed on the coupon! Even the rep that I spoke to on the phone had to look on her computer to find out that it had expired. You must not deal with Papa John's or you would know they never print dates on the coupons they mail out.

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