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Well, Papa John's seems to LOVE to toot their horn about how wonderful, fast, and easy it is to order a pizza online. Tonight on 3/8/12 @ 11:00 pm I attempted to order a pizza from their website.

After trying 4 TIMES!!!, I was finally told that my location was closed and I could order at a later date. I live DIRECTLY across the street from this establishment and know for a fact that they stay open until midnight!!! Now picking up the phone to order was my next option, but it's the principal of the matter. I wasted a good 20 minutes with their oh so cute custom animation order.

That's valuable time to me! I'm not a stoner, I'm a dietician who keeps crazy hours! Papa John's, YOU SUCK! Luckily the pizza place down the road had BETTER DEALS and knew how to take an order online!

Don't you dare blame the staff at the location in Cynthiana KY.

They know what they're doing, it's the *** website's fault! It's cool though, the pizza from Snappy Tomato was quite good, and will get my business from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

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So hard to order. *** on score card


Ordered as guest so I had to pay with credit card. Only after placing the order do I find out that it will be delivered in 115-125 minutes.

That's 2 hours from now. I searched the website to try to cancel the order but could not find a way to do this.

I feel that if I call to cancel I will still be charged because I will have no proof. Never again will I order from them.

Austin, Texas, United States #1207338

Tried to order a 3 topping large pizza carryout with a promo code for a cheaper price...promo code expires 9/26/16.... could not do it.....every time I went to the promo code it brought me back to the initial page...tried 3 times...did everything correctly....called the location three times after that to order on line....Jester, Austin, TX location......and no answer but a recording.

It's 5:40 pm in Austin TX. Tried again 5 minutes later...no answer...

This was my first time ordering a Papa Johns pizza for over 15 years....did not like it 15 years ago....many better alternatives...even a frozen Dijornos Pizza is much better; tried this new location because it is about 4 minutes away...the *** with Papa John and his dyed goofy looking black hair....how did this guymake it by making crappy pizza....only Jerry Jones knows...

Mexico, Capital District, Venezuela #1199945

papa johns online website ordering the worst. Hard to find the advertised corporate promos, hard to customize toppings with specials, problems ordering to different delivery address with same user account, etc etc.

Have issues every time i order.

I am fed up. NO MORE Papa Johns!


I hate dominos, I work in the oilfield so I didn't want to cook, sorry I should have ran and got a disgusting pizza


I agree. Has to be one of the worst ordering systems EVER! Papa needs a new IT guy


Papa johns website sucks. I can't find the prices, which makes me suspicious.

I tried calling store and was made to listen to a ton of adds. Never could get a person on the line..

I'm tired of messing with them.

Marathon, Florida, United States #816343
let us see that establishment from marathon fl was crazy and I was threatened by the manager about spitting on my food, he told me I would go to jail for that comment to him. because he *** up after trying 2 times on the phone and being threatened by the papa johns marathon establishment sucks and don't appreciate being patronized by a person that thinks that he's god.

I really want is taken care of as a manager = staff = customer service = happy people.

I want a cookie to help ease that fact that I might get arrested. :upset
Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States #618958

Yes their website sucks and this is not the first time I had a bad experience on their website. They need to FIRE the whole website team. Can you believe that the Submit button did not work for me? They're LOSING business and *** off customers. I'm using latest Firefox with Win 7, with no issues on the PC.

I switched to Chrome and then it worked. Firefox is a big chunk of the browser market and they failed to test this browser.

Try to submit the Contact Form and the address and phone number is a Required field. What the *** is their problem?

You dont need that information to be getting a complaint. You only need an email.

Once again, their whole website team needs to be fired and kicked out of the company.


Question: Why didn't you just go across he street and order the pizza in person if you live so close? Here's your sign.

to Wittydude #1163577

Because the specials are only online


Terrible website. Obviously designed by someone with a five year old mentality.

Please hire a seasoned expert to design your website and you may experience an increase in repeat business.



I had another bad experience online with PJ. I finally called in my order to the local PJ.

Of course, I complained when I got there to the manager. He said they get complaints ALL the time about the website as it is run by a third party. He won't even GO online to the site. That says alot.

This is NOT operator error. Very annoying to say the least.


We get complaints like this all the time at the store I work out and 9 times out of 10 its the operator not the website. Chances are you messed it up in some way and are too stubborn to admit you're an imbecile and can't navigate a website that a five year old could use. I've been on the site plenty of times and have personally ordered from it twice.

to PJ Employee #1163580

If you get complaints all the time... Maybe someone should check it out.. Don't you think?

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