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I believe Papa Johns has, in certain cases, been overcharging cutomers regarding their 30 cent special. All their advertising and websites (http://ir.papajohns.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=816758) clearly state

"Through Jan 26, 2014, get a large one-topping pizza for just 30 cents with the purchase of any large pizza at regular menu price."

It clearly states the deal is with the purchase of ANY large pizza. When I ordered a large cheese pizza for $12.75, I expected to receive a large pepperoni for an additional 30 cents. Since the plain cheese was less than the pepperoni, they tried to charge me the full price of the more expensive pepperoni and give me the cheaper cheese pizza for 30 cents. When I asked them to explain their calculations, I was told that's the way the register computes it. This occurred at more than one location.

I called their customer service number (877-547-7272) on Jan 20, 2014 to ask about this and was told that's the way it is done in New Jersey. I wanted to find out more and was told I would receive a call within three days. It's been a week and nobody has called. I then called the main office on Jan 27, and asked to speak with someone. Their operator transferred me to voice mail to leave a message. No call by Jan 30.

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File suit.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #829631

Dude a lot of stores with deals like that run it that way. Otherwise people will buy cheap things at full price and get the real expensive things at a discount causing the store to lose money. Its just business man you cant really help it.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #794444

This is how all these types of deals work. Even "bogo" deals at the grocery store are set up this way.

You're always going to pay for the higher priced iem.

Do you think if you order a cheese pizza(which, BTW, shows how cheap you are!)and a 6 topping pizza you'll be charged for the cheaper one and they'll give you the 6 topping for $.30??? That's ridiculous.

to TLC #881494

I agree. however, they need to explain that in their adverts. otherwise, it's false advertising.

just sayin...

to TLC #889385

Most offers have fine print for a reason. BOGO deals usually state the lower priced item is the free one.

If they don't put restrictions on it, it is their oversight. And why would you call someone cheap just because they happen to prefer plain cheese pizza?


yes it was with any large pizza, that was NORMAL Price

and 2nd one topping is 30 cents.

to clear things up if you got a peperoni and cheese, it wouldn't have mattered, 1 cheese is considered a topping :3

to taindrops #781446

thank you for your comment but I'm not sure whether you were agreeing with me or disagreeing. You have normal in capital letters.

I did pay normal price for a large pizza as the ad stated.

Any large one topping pizza after my first large pizza should be 30 cents. I don't agree that a large cheese pizza is considered a one topping pizza but it doesn't matter since the ad clearly states that all you have to do is order a large pizza.

to Original Poster #796003

well technically "cheese" isn't a topping, it automatically comes with the pizza- "extra cheese" is at the papa johns i'm at there is no difference in price.

the deal is over now and im really glad because it caused so much confusion but yeah the cheapest you could get it for was 12.99+.30 cents + tax.

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