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On Saturday, June 20th 2015 i ordered papa johns via cellphone and i ordered the works pizza and i noticed that my garlic sauce was expired 5 months ago. See attached images!

If i had not checked the bottom, i couldve gotten sick!

Attention to detail and think about your customers! Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns Papa johnsPapa johns Papa johns Papa Papa johns Papa johns Papa Papa johns Papa johns Papa Papa johns Papa johns Papa Papa johns Papa johns Papa Papa johns Papa johns Papa Papa johns Papa johns Papa johns

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Improper food handling.

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Actually if you look closely on the image it says 15 dummy, quit picking on him.


You should notify your county health dept. and perhaps an attorney.


Yes. ..2016...Plus the use by date is only a made up date created by the manufacturer to try to tell consumers that the product is safe until that date.

There is no governmental oversight or regulation for these dates... at least last time I checked a few months ago. It's also a way the manufacturer gets the consumer to buy more of their product, simply because a date on the unit is in the past. Have you seen some foods go bad before the date?

Or, have you ever eaten something that tested just as good a month later? No matter if it says three date is use by, sell by or something else, it's simply a made up and unregulated date. I use it to help me know what in my kitchen etc is Newer than something similar but I may or may not throw it away. If it's a date in the past I will inspect it more than if it's a date in the future.

It isn't an "eat this one day later and you will get sick" date. Its a sales gimmick. After all, think of it this way, the manufacturer didn't know how long it will be in their warehouse or store inventory, how long in a hot truck going to your supermarket or in your car traveling home. Is that a date if you refrain from opening it at all until you need it 5 month after you buy it or starts to go bad 3 days after opening it and placing in refrigerator or hours if openned and left on kitchen counter?

These dates should only be used to know the age of what is inside. You should trust your senses: does it look right or is the guacamole dark brown, smell right or does whole milk smell like egg nog, sound right or instead of sloshing in a cartoon the milk sounds sounds like its banging on the sides, feel right or is the tomato slimey, and as a least resort if all the other senses says good, put just a small drop on your tongue. Trust your senses not a date.

I've seen lots of people get sick from trusting the date on the product even though their senses tell them it's bad and very few get sick using senses alone.

I know what you are trying to say, that the if the pizza place is messing that up then what else may be wrong, but don't work about the date even if it's in the past. This image, though, is definitely 2016


lol someone beat me to it =) guy is obviously a dipshit wanting something for nothing when it clearly says 2016 it expires. nice try though.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #998381

That says 2016 dip $*!!... It's not expired

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