I don't understand. I live 1.66 miles from the closest Papa Johns and they won't deliver.

Yet Dominos is 2.25 miles away and they will deliver. What's even stranger is I saw a Papa Johns delivery driver delivering to one of my neighbors. When I asked him he said they deliver. Yet when I try to order for delivery online or over the phone I'm told they don't deliver to me.

I've contacted corporate, but no answer yet. Probably won't get an answer either. I don't have a car, so it's really hard to get on a bus and go pick up pizza. I love Papa Johns so if I had to I guess I would, but it's really a pain.

If they did delivery for my area I'd go back to using Papa Johns exclusively. 3 people in the house, 3 individual tastes, 3 large pizzas each with more than 3 toppings = a lot of money for the store.

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The same thing just happened to me with my local Papa Johns. I have been a loyal customer for the past 2 years and have been ordering from them quite regularly.

Always delivery, since I don't have a car. Last time I ordered was 2 days ago and it was delivered with no problems. When I ordered today a guy from the store immediately called me saying that they need to change my order to carryout and cancel my order. I told them to cancel my order.

He said they don't deliver to my apartment complex. I asked him how come that my past orders have always been delivered with no problems. He refused to give me an answer as to why this change happened. I felt like he was lying and just making up excuses.

My area is not unsafe either. It is not suburbs but not hood either, just working class.

If they have problems with certain individuals they should individually ban them from ordering Papa Johns, why punish a whole apartment complex? Shame on you Papa Johns, you just lost a regular customer!


Papa Johns delivers to my house all the time and now for the second time they are saying I'm carryout only. This is getting *** old.


Adam's comment about maybe the driver being robbed is a very interesting thought. I think you should move.

This way you will get your pizza delivered and you will get out of your bad neighborhood. You don't want to get robbed too.

Mountain View, California, United States #1108800

Wow you must really love your pizza. You put a lot of thought into this review.

It really is just pizza. I totally get you don't have a car so you need to have it delivered. I would just go with another company like Dominos or Pizza Hut. I feel for you.

Pizza is yummy.

Have you thought of moving this way you can get Papa Johns delivered. Just a thought.


The same thing happens to me in queens, ny. I used to order from them frequently and then, all of a sudden, I'm a "carryout" only customer!

? I do not drive and it is a bit of a walk for pizza. I tried Domino's but they are terrible!

When will they change this! !!!!???


Since they won't deliver I called Pizza Hut. Loss of business. Your bad.

Metairie, Louisiana, United States #871870

If a driver is robbed or experiences any problems while in a particular area the store will refuse to deliver there. Only logical reason I could come up with.


If you are on a new street or whatever they may tell you they don't deliver there, also sometime zones can be weird. So it is possible that someone that lives the next street over will get service but not you.

Yeah the site is picky, it also doesn't like new streets. Calling the store is a good idea, bit sometimes the call people..

well it's not totally their fault there's a bunch of streets to memorize, because they don't have internet or a map at the desk and usually have to look it up. When I woprked at papa johns I used my PERSONAL Iphone to make sure people where in the delivery area.

to archer #1377568

At our store there are streets where we deliver on one side of the street but not the other


They used to deliver to my house one day i called and they took my information and said due to changes they no longer deliver to my area and i ask then what other location will, they said no one.And its myfavoriate pizza. Its so sad. San Antonio,Texas :sigh


Nope. They won't deliver to anyone outside the freeway.

I've even put in business addresses, and other house numbers in the area. No delivery to the area. No explanation as to why either. I also had never ordered from them before at this address.

Also different phone number and I was one of their good customers.

You know the one who orders like $60 or more twice a week. The one who tips the drivers $10 and makes it worth the effort and gas to come out.

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