Midway, Kentucky

The pizza looked old. It was room temperature, which is Not rare at this location, when it arrived. When my toddler spit it out, I tried it and no wonder he spit it out. It tasted Like Dirt & Old.

The cheese was slimy & tepid. Mushroom had a grainy texture with dirt taste. The pizza was made sloppy and carelessly. I Bet it was dropped or something nasty.

I am filing a complaint with the FDA. It was absolutely nasty and also it was a free pizza with the 25 point catch. Figures.

You can see from the photos that the cheese has a sheen. But, don't let that fool you. It's not cheesy goodness, it is a slimy, phlegmy substance. The sauce also looks as if it was sitting overnight on the dough. Yuck.

Disgusted Consumer

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San Jose, California, United States #825444

I got a pizza from Papa Johns and get this it had a big load of human excrement on it as a topping.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #631865

That really makes you wonder what your eating anymore.. :x


Papa Johns is a Greedy *** Republican, and dont really care how good your pizza is, just wants your $$$

to Joe Smoe Coos Bay, Oregon, United States #832458

Everybody wants money. His being a Republican has nothing to do with his greed. Plenty of losers are Democrats, too.

Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States #631657

You should contact the store directly and let them know you weren't satisfied.The FDA has nothing to do with a situation like this.

You would have to contact your local Health Dept if you think someone has unsafe food practices. On the side of the box it says 100% satisfaction. If contacting the store directly doesn't work then submit a complaint through their website. Based on your photos they didn't make it correctly regardless of the freshness.

The crust is all blown out and the toppings slid toward the middle.I would have to say it was made by a new trainee anyone else should be ashamed.

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