The pizza looked old. It was room temperature, which is Not rare at this location, when it arrived. When my toddler spit it out, I tried it and no wonder he spit it out. It tasted Like Dirt & Old.

The cheese was slimy & tepid. Mushroom had a grainy texture with dirt taste. The pizza was made sloppy and carelessly. I Bet it was dropped or something nasty.

I am filing a complaint with the FDA. It was absolutely nasty and also it was a free pizza with the 25 point catch. Figures.

You can see from the photos that the cheese has a sheen. But, don't let that fool you. It's not cheesy goodness, it is a slimy, phlegmy substance. The sauce also looks as if it was sitting overnight on the dough. Yuck.

Disgusted Consumer

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

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San Jose, California, United States #825444

I got a pizza from Papa Johns and get this it had a big load of human excrement on it as a topping.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #631865

That really makes you wonder what your eating anymore.. :x


Papa Johns is a Greedy *** Republican, and dont really care how good your pizza is, just wants your $$$

to Joe Smoe Coos Bay, Oregon, United States #832458

Everybody wants money. His being a Republican has nothing to do with his greed. Plenty of losers are Democrats, too.

Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States #631657

You should contact the store directly and let them know you weren't satisfied. The FDA has nothing to do with a situation like this.

You would have to contact your local Health Dept if you think someone has unsafe food practices. On the side of the box it says 100% satisfaction. If contacting the store directly doesn't work then submit a complaint through their website. Based on your photos they didn't make it correctly regardless of the freshness.

The crust is all blown out and the toppings slid toward the middle. I would have to say it was made by a new trainee anyone else should be ashamed.

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