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Tonight I ordered pizza from papa johns In Nederland Texas. What at the time I didn’t know was a black jumping spider Literally jumped off my pizza before I took a bite hit my face bouncing off and back on my face while I attempted to shew it away thinking it was a fly although I heard no buzzing , it’s not fly season ( March ) and no fly ever returned like a normal fly would.

Next I felt something crawling on my leg. Again I thought dang fly but to my surprise when I went to shew it off my leg, it took me actually having to brush it off my leg because it wasn’t a fly. I didn’t understand what was going on until a little later I decided to grab me another piece. I opened the box and noticed something jumping across my pizza.

Going on for a closer look to see what the heck it was.... I realized it was some sort of dark black jumping spider!!!!! I put 2 and 2 together and the bug that actually jumped on and off my face twice was a spider!!!!! The exact thing that ended up crawling on my leg!!!!!!!

Not only do I have some foreign spider I have never seen before loose in my house!!!!! But in just my 1 pizza box ( I had a total of 6 pizza boxes ) just in my 1 personal pizza box!!!! It had no less than 2 spiders!!!!! God only knows how many were nesting in it and God only knows how many more may have escaped from the other 5 boxes into my house to potentially cause an infestation!!!!

I paid nearly $60 including a $2 tip and want a full refund. I’d also like to have an exterminator come out if I end up seeing these spiders around my house!!!

I have 2 small kids and I do not want to ever put them in harms way Incase these are some sort of poisonous spider. I’m contacting corporate tonight to notify them of this horrific issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

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