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The wrong order was delivered. I tried to have it resent and I was hung up on twice by Marco. The manager told me to order somewhere else instead of fixing my order.

Monetary Loss: $27.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Papa Johns Pizza Cons: Wrong order delivered, Rude manager, Communication skill, Not getting my pizza.

Location: 455 Katy Fort Bend Road, Katy, TX 77494

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If you return your wrong order, I see no problem with him refunding you.

@Shaquetta Jne

Please stop commenting. I paid a delivery fee to have a service delivered.

I’m not responsible for the wrong order delivered. Do you not have anything better to do?

Unless you work For a papa John’s & this is your job. I’d it is, I should get what I pay for.

@Kimberly S Utx

The most immature thing that you can do is to lie about someone and say they work for the company simply because they told you off. That other person is right.

If you want your refund return the food. It is that simple. If you do not return the food, you do not get a full refund. If you cannot afford to eat out and are lying then do not order out.

Also before you go around acting like an immature child and lying about me.

I do not work for Papa John's. So try another lie.

@Stephani Qjc

Stop! You don’t know me. Find something else to do then harass people.

@Stephani Qjc

I’m not giving you anymore time.

@Kimberly S Utx

Don't you find it funny when these children think that because you told them that they are wrong that you work for the company? But they are right, they should get what they paid for.

If they want a full refund they basically paid nothing, and should get nothing.

That user is either a young child, no older than seven, or an uneducated imbecile of an adult. Whatever it may be, their legal guardian needs to see their lies and use physical discipline on them.

@Kimberly S Utx

You do not know that other user but you can easily lie about them and claim they work for Papa John's.. What I know from reading your posts is you are thief and liar.

I do not blame you for your dishonest behavior though. Your parents obviously did a poor job of bringing you up.

@Kimberly S Utx

You are a child. You should not be on this website. Did you read the terms and conditions.

@Kimberly S Utx

Public forum anyone can comment. Even if it hurts your feelings.

@Kimberly S Utx

It is a immature that you need to lie and claim that someone works for Papa John's simply for telling you that you are wrong. They have a point.

Unless you return everything, you are not entitled to a full refund. Why would you want to keep the food if it is wrong. Just looking for an excuse not to pay because you are a thief. Now go ahead lie about me.

Say the most childish lie people use on this site. You know the "You must work for them lie."

@Kimberly S Utx

The person making foolish comments to you is an infamous troll who has been at this site for years with many, many usernames. He/she WANTS you to engage with them so they can continue to try to upset you.

They will start off by calling you childish, then accuse you of molesting children and then finally of beating family members. It's sad that it's tolerated.

@Shaquetta Jne

Same here

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