I was doing a project against papa john's so thank you so much for all the comments that have been written! I got some great complaints against them which really helps and yeah I agree with all of you cuz papa john's acts like they're something else...you should see the video on YouTube called "I Hate Papa John's Pizza" by some guy named saleh426 I think.

really funny stuff and worth the time. Papa John's pizza is just a poser...their pizza can be nasty half the time I much prefer Domino's than it.

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Face it.. your product is failing right now. Time to stop worrying about the pricing and get the QA process worked out.



Today made order.

My kid almost choke!!!

Why do they put Fishing line in Cheese sticks???



Dear Poppa John, I hate to be the one to tell you, but your pizza is not very good. At least at the franchise in our town.

The toppings are very skimpy.

Tried your pizza twice and will not ever do it again. Pizza at our little locally owned shops are 100% better than yours.


So you're on this site posting a complaint about my award-winning pizza chain instead of saying it to my face? You know what a poopza is?

Do you know how it's made?

How would you like me to make a hand-tossed, 14 inch, stinky poopza and force-feed it to you? Recind these complaints now!

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