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The store in Lakewood Ca. #2247 on South St. has lost a loyal customer. I cant afford to eat out often as I'd like, and that's going around right now, If a pizza joint wants to stay in business in this economy maybe they should take care of the customers that are walking thru the door, ya think?

Whats the deal with no sauce and pepperchinis? these are things that made your pizza company different and better.

You partner up with huge money making movie companies (Biggest Grossing movie in HISTORY - Dark Knight) to promote your pizza, offer specials and have co-op paid commercials, that probably cost you nothing, I really think you can still afford to throw in a few little peppers. Even if only to those (probably few) that specifically ask for them, and definitely for those that walk in the door for take out, saving you on delivery costs, labor, and time.

My wife is more upset with this particular store than I am, due to fact that there have been issues every time she has gone there, either not honoring a valid coupon, changing the price we actually get charged, and or not issuing the proper coupon/special with the order we specifically came to the store to take advantage of.

The latest incident with their lack of taking care of me, the customer, standing in front of your cash register, with actual $CASH$ in hand, attempting to do something we probably can't afford to do anyway, over a few peppers, in this economy, is beyond my understanding, and to top it off, now, if i do get to have take out pizza ever again I'll have to choke down that greasy crusted *** they serve at Pizza Hut. *** It.

dan sargent

order #0037

1 lrg 1 topping

1 xlrg 3 topping

$24.88 take out/carryout

12/04/08 5:17pm


Monetary Loss: $24.

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It all depends on your GM. I work for Papa John's in KY (not saying where) and we always give them to you free if you request them. We believe that you shouldn't have to pay 75 cents for a *** pepper or little cup of sauce (that lasts 3 breadsticks).

If you lived here, with us and how we feel, you'd never pay for sides. e don't believe in that.

My problem with Papa J's is 2 liters being 3 *** dollars.

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