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Wow I can't believe that I am writing this. There is an old saying that states; "Screw me once shame on you but screw me twice shame on me." Ever heard of this?

Well, I want to tell you about Papa Johns Pizza. I am starting to think that it may not just be a bad store but maybe it is the concept of the entire company.

Some time ago I was on my way out of town to a meeting and there was a Papa Johns Pizza close to where the meeting was going to be held. I ordered the pizza from my cell phone so it would be ready for me to pick it up soon. First, I almost did not find the place. There was no sign to be seen from any street. I found out later they were remodeling the building and all of the signs were removed. I still think they could have had some kind of signage. Anyway I picked up my pizza and left. When I got to the meeting there were two others that I was meeting. I said lets go ahead and eat the pizza before it gets any colder.

This was cool and so was the pizza. This was the worse pizza I think any of us had ever eaten. Will a couple days later when I was entering my receipt into my ledger I thought, you know I really should complain to someone as that was really bad pizza. So I called and talked to a manager that pretty much in short words told me to take a hike. I was told that if I wanted to come by sometime they would give me a new pizza free of charge but I told him they were 50 miles away as I was there for a company meeting and would not be back in that area anytime soon. So, I found a district office phone number and called them.

They at least acted like they cared and sent me a coupon for a large pizza of my choice.

Well when I got the coupon it was for store completely out of my area, so I called them back and they told me that was the only coupon they had and if I had any trouble cashing it in to let them know. So today I ran across the coupon again and decided that Pizza sounded good. So I asked the wife to call and order the Pizza. She did and told them it was a free coupon from the corporate office. They said no problem but could be paying $1.88 for the delivery. My wife asked me this and I said sure that would be fair with the high cost of gas. Then a few minuets latter we received a call back from the Papa Johns store and informed us the manager said no way were they delivering a free pizza even if we offered to pay $2.00 delivery.

So I thought for a minute and then called the store back and informed them I would be there in a couple of minuets to get my free pizza. When I got there I was treated like I had done something wrong and when I asked to speak to the manager I was told he was too busy to talk to me. So, here is a classic story of not just bad customer service but what I would classify as NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Needlessly I will never order another Papa Johns Pizza again and I will do everything I can, to tell as many people as I know this story so they too will know what kind of a company this really is. If I already had a problem with the company wither it was from this store or not I think that since I offered to pay $2.00 for the delivery that the store manager should have done everything he could to make sure I was happy with the service. And to make things worse this pizza was as bad as the last one. We ordered pepperoni and black olive on just half the pizza and we counted the black olives and there were only 8 pieces of black olive on this pizza!

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #953281

Papa John's is dee-lish-ee-on, maybe you weren't holding your mouth right.


So I called and talked to a manager(you are leaving something out here, like your rudeness???? that pretty much in short words told me to take a hike.


Grow up. You entitled spoiled baby


That could be the better ingrediants they talk about...


Hey papa johns when are y'all get rid of the PO system in come up to 21st century what Domino's way future bro easier your behind get to the future






I ordered a pizza that never came. I called over an hour and fifteen minutes later only to get yelled at and told to go pick it up myself. Never again will I order from that shithole.


i live in zanesville and the papa johns on maple avenue has the rudest most imcompetant ppl i have ever seen, They gave me attitude, and they overcharged me not once but three times on the same order, then their employee decided it would be a great idea to come to my house and proceed to yell at me and cuss at me because they screwed up , i will never order from that location again as i do not like paying $48.00 for 2 pizzas that was suppossed to cost $20.00 , getting yelled amd cussed , or being called a ***.. papa johns , for get reinventing your pizza reinvent your employees ( can you say customer service ????)


couldn't agree with PJManager more. I'm a General Manager of a franchised restaurant and feel the same frustration that he does.

Certainly, not everyone's experience can be perfect every time, but some people just want to complain.

babygirlsmom: our operating system will not allow us to change the charged price of a credit card without re-running the credit card number. That is what the manager was trying to tell you, although you probably weren't listening since he was 'teenage-sounding'

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #133054

My guess is this guy is complaining for another free pizza. Honestly these people if they cannot afford to buy their pizza they should go on food stamps.

I bet the pizza was great but he just want free food. You act like an *** you get treated like one.


Okay I'm not going to say that all papa johns are the same or that any of you hasn't had a bad experience at one. It does happen even at the store that I worked at all of last year. Pizza is sometimes late on delivery but that is caused by various problems. If you order right during rush hour traffic in a larger town your pizza does take time to get to you due to traffic. Sometimes its just Lazy drivers. Sometimes and this has happened to me someone has a wreck and well you know how traffic backs up when someone has a wreck.

Pizza does get made wrong from time to time just be calm most managers will make it right for you. I know it is aggravating when it happens but they will make it right.

As for not delivering a free pizza. Bullsh**!!!!! I have delivered countless free pizzas over the last year. Some were remakes some were coupons and some were just hey have one on us pizza's. So don't give me the *** about not delivering a free pizza to your house.


The papa johns in our town has some of the rudest people u will ever meet. They messed up our half cheese half supreme pizza more than once.

When we call they tell us on the phone that they dont believe us. I have called the corporate office and still havent heard anything back from them. Ordering there just isnt worth the hassle and i would rather cook then do that again..We once got a pizza from papa johns and the dough was raw in the middle and it was like biting into a raw biscuit.

We still got treated like *** for there mess up. Something has got to change at papa johns...



We had terrible service! They were 45 minutes late with our order when we called and the teenage sounding manager wanted to argue and me to pay him with my credit card again and he would take $10 off - I said so instead of paying the $29 we pay $48.

If you Google Papa Johns corporate phone number comes up wtih one. Mr Manager put me on hold to find the Corporate Office number when he came back to the phone - he could not find it - told him I found one on Google read him the number and he changed his little attitude. My husband used to order from this same store 3 or 4 years ago but we got tired of the issues! Sometimes things are not going to be perfect but the same client order getting messed up multiple times is a little much.

When our pizzas arrived over an hour after ordering the forgot the 2 liter - said they could bring it after they took the 12 other orders.

My little girl used to say "look Mommy that place closed" It usually was some place we had received poor service a short time before. That is pretty bad when children can detect poor service.


:cry :? I agree, Papa Johns pizza is the worst tasting pizza I have ever ate, and so .....expensive. last month I ordered one for my own pick up(they didn't have to deliver to me) I drove all the way there myself, they charged me $15.35 after tax.

It was like "cardboard drenched in a sewar" or pulled out from left-overs of last week that they had saved!! I will never go back and tell all my friends to watch out for businesses like this scam!!


They give money to quite a few evangelical groups.


papa johns is awesome


:sigh I ordered The Works pizza on thin crust. All the ingredients looked ground up and half the amount they usually put.

Extra pepperoni and jalopenos were missing. The second pizza was pepperoni and extra cheese with raw dough. And it was cold. Add a 2 liter for $28.00 plus a $6.00 tip.

There will be no next time. I'll cook a great meal with my $34.00.

Spennymoor, England, United Kingdom #24515

I agree that you probably just got caught with two bad locations. I used to order papa johns all the time when I was in school, and I was excited to find out that one had opened by my house.

The pizza was always fresh and hot and the crust was awesome! The first (and last) time I ordered from the new location, they told me it would be to my house in half an hour. Keep in mind their location was literally 4 minutes from my house. The half hour passed, then an hour, than an hour & 15 minutes.

I called to complain and spoke to a teenager that said that they were closed. I demanded to talk to their manager, and after deciphering his broken english I learned that their driver was "lost". I was assured that the pizza would be delivered within the next 10 min. Still nothing after half an hour.

I got pissed and called their corporate office who immediately called the store and ripped them a new one.

My pizza was at my door not 5 minutes after making the call, and it was free. That location shut down not two weeks after the incident.

Williston, Florida, United States #19707

I'm a manager at a corporate store and I can assure you that I've never been too "busy" for a customer. Will everyone have a perfect experience everytime, of course not.

However, after refunding money or replacing the product...what seriously do you want from us? Please let me know, because I'm sick of complainers with no solutions.

customer_rep defend
Hughesville, Pennsylvania, United States #19460

This is by far one of the dumbest complaints I have ever read. If you didn't enjoy the first pizza why would you even give a flying *** to have a 2nd one?

Move on? Just because a pizza or food item is nasty doesn't entitled you to d*ck. If I ate A&W and decided the burger tasted terrible I would move on and eat at Wendy's. The customer generally isn't right they are just dumb and ignorant.

I have customers call up and want service credited because they didn't have it for 8 months, well then why didn't they call in to tell us that service went down? Grow up and eat at Pizza Hut.

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