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I used to go to the papa Johns when they were open prior in Thomaston ga and has issues with themforgetting to put buffalo sauce ona buffalo chicken pizza and always forgetting the garlic sauce. So when they re opened I thought things would be different.

I went in the second day they were re opened and I ordered online and was told it would be 15-25 min which is normal. I get there after 30 min and it was still in the oven. I had to wait another 30 min before it was ready. And then I asked for packets of pepper and parmasean cheese and it took 3 people to figure out what I wanted.

Then I opened the box and there was no garlic butter and I had paid for extra garlic butter. So I had to ask and wait for that also.

So nothing has changed.

I love papa johns but need to know what can be done so I can keep being a customer. Thanks!

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