this is the way my pizza arrived, i have attached a picture, now i have a picnic to go to without a pizza and have to stop somewhere in order to pick up more food, I called the store in order to send a picture to them, she told me that they do not have an email for me to send the picture to so I am posting my complaint here, I hope that you will take this into consideration when delivering other orders. Those little plastic things that cost 2 cents would prevent this from happening to anyone else.

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call the store they will give you a remake

to raindrops #819809

Most likely they mishandled the box and that is why the pizza was messed up, why should the store make a remake just cause they cannot hold the box properly. Shelia do you really think that the person is going to admit they mishandled the box, besides it is still edible, this spoiled brat chose to throw out the pizza because it was messed up when people in third world countries starve to death.


This site should be a last resort after the store refuses to fix it. The little plastic thingy wouldn't have taken care of this.

It looks like he slammed on his brakes and it fell off the seat. The driver should have checked the pizza before giving it to you.

Sites like this don't really get anyones attention. First try talking to the store manager, then contact the Papa's through the website if the manager doesn't take care of it.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #726845

This is a joke right? I mean seriously...this is the worst thing that has happened to you today?

to LTCC #727186

this site is not "the worst thing that happened to you today" site. This is a consumer complaint site and they have every right to put a complaint in if they are getting inferior service. I am quite sure it didnt destroy their lives but this cost money and not everyone has the money to just throw away because of terrible service.

to Sheila #827338

They don't have to throw the pizza out it is not like eating it will kill them, and yeah people have the right to comment on other people's complaints just like people have the right to complain.

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