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my pizza was cold!!!!! i waited one hour and 30 min.i even called twice i never got i sorry or nothing will not order from there again

i was only a few blocks from papa johns i will be telling everyone i know .

i was at a bussiness so there we others waiting and could not believe this.

some even left to go eat some where else pizza was very cold yuck.

we ate one and threw the rest away yuck cold pizza

now we all know not to buy from papa jhons we will buy our pizza from pizza hut from now on yuck cold pizza

Monetary Loss: $25.

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You may complain about getting a pizza cold, but because of these complaints I am sitting with a broken back because a pizza delivery driver ran me over when I was putting air in my tire and then drove off because he worried about his pizza's getting cold. So I would rather people have less hot pizza's then drivers driving like crazy to make a deadline.


We LOVE Papa John's, but learned a long time ago that if we want it hot it's well worth the 10-minute drive to pick it up ourselves. One lukewarm order was not enough to keep us from ordering again...and again...and again.

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