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I understand that the pizza was almost 1hr 45min late due to inclimate weather ,I even understand being busy, but what I do not understand is that I asked them not to put my credit card number anywhere on the box reciept ANYTHING. I was ordering for my 20 year old daughter who was at a different address.

Why couldn't they do that one single thing for me, I'll never EVER order from Papa Johns again and I'm spreading the word!!!!

PAPA JOHNS IS THE MOST ASSANINE PIZZA DELIVERY EVER. Thay lied to me about waiting time, and the *** pizza was cold with garlic sauce spilled all over it!!!

Review about: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Pace, Mississippi, United States #769864

Looks like you got caught up in your own lies. You said that the pizza was delivered to your daughter not to you.

How would you know the pizza was cold and the sauce was all over it if it was not delivered to you? You said you were understanding about the weather, but apparently you are not. This makes you a liar. Lying would be to intentioinally try to deceive you.

They simply made an estimate of when the pizza would arrive.

Since the weather was so terrible they were mistaken. Now tell the real truth, when did you get fired?


Your credit card number is not on the box. The only thing on the box label is the type of card but no numbers.

The credit card receipt itself is printed out when the driver checks your delivery out. If you didn't want the CC receipt to go along that's different but the only thing on that receipt is the last 4 numbers of the card and there is nothing they can do about that. As for the time they should have quoted a longer time. But its hard to gauge when the weather gets bad like that.

This past weekend at our store was the busiest weekend we've had since Superbowl. If the pizza is cold then all you have to do is call the store and let them know about your experience without cursing or being rude and they should be willing to send you a coupon or something for a free pizza. If they don't take care of you with direct contact then contact the online customer service.

The guarantee is on the box. 100% satisfaction.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #767772

Well, they could change their whole way of handling transactions just for special, entitled you. Or you could deal with your daughter yourself if she is not worthy of trust.

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