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All these comments are so funny LOL. I work at papa johns and guess what?

we dont give a sh1t. LOL papa pays us sh1t and trats us like *** sooooo *** you. we just dont care. pizza fall on the floor?

so scoop it up put it in the box and serve it. take a sh1t and wash my hands? nope ill make your pizza with my stinky hands LOL. give me sh1t on the phone?

ill make sure you have some secret sauce in your pizza. we dont care not one bit *** you and *** off. I get paid the same if there is one customer or 100 customers so go somewhere else.

it just makes it easier on me. and by the way *** you and your order.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1203260

Lmao i work at papa johns but my location doesn't do that. My location ranked #18 in best service in the US!!!!

But I still don't give a *** about the customers. As she said, I get paid whether we have 2 customers or 400.

Florissant, Missouri, United States #1191050

Their website for online ordering is a joke. Every time TRY to order a pizza I always have a problem.

How about bait and switch? Will not order again.


No wonder you have a sh*t job! That is all you can get!

And guess what sweetie! When you come to my place of business with that attitude, I return the favor! How was your steak?

I hope you enjoyed the special herbs and spices! LMAO!

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