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I have been a HAPPY Satisfied customer of Papa John's Pizza for over 15 Years. Well that changed Tuesday, December 6, 2011 @ 7:27 pm. At calling and being told to hold and being on hold for 8 minutes I had to disconnect the call and call back. I called back at 7:35 pm. The guy I talked to was so very unprofessional. The back ground noise was so loud the guy stated sorry mama I can't hear you they are being so loud. I had to repeat my order 4 times. This should have been a clue to go to Mr. Gattis Pizza, but my son was so hungry after his basket ball game he could not wait. I asked for the pickup specials he stated 1 large 1 topping pizza for $8.99. I did order two large one topping pizzas for pick up. The guy stated the pizza would be ready in 10 minutes.

When I arrived my pizzas were not ready which was not a problem. I asked for a extra garlic butter. The guy wanted to charge me an additional .75 cent. I told the guy no thanks. I will be satisfied with the 2 that will come with the pizza.

The problem was when we got the pizzas home. First problem no garlic butter at all. Second the pizzas were burned and the crust was paper thin. Papa john is famous in my house hold for their delicious crust. These pizzas were disgusting. I have placed a slice of this disgusting pizza in my freezer to remind myself and family to never order Papa John Pizza again.

"¢ The location – 1

Papa John's Store #935


AUSTIN, TX 78701

Phone: (512)476-7272


Pamela Franklin

Review about: Papa Johns Pizza Pizza.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Sounds like you ended up with a Thin Crust pizza some how. That would explain the lack of Garlic Butter as well.

He probably heard your order wrong.

I would have just talked to the MGR, and explained you got the wrong pizzas. :)


Get over it you big whiny baby.

Nine Mile Falls, Washington, United States #387053

yeah right, you sound like a crybaby. even if what you are saying is true, you are going to write off papa johns after 15 years for one bad pie?

and leaving a piece in the freezer??

yeah right again, you'll be munching on that by bedtime....loser..... oh, and by the way, funny story


I ALWAYS check the bottom of the pizzas before i leave the counter cause I had this same thing happen to be before. If its burnt i tell them i dont want this one make another and i will wait.

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